Half of Stolen NFTs Sold in 3 Hours: $2.27M Lost in June

• $2.27 million of NFTs were stolen in June 2023, the lowest monthly figure of the year so far.
• The blockchain security firm also found that half of stolen NFTs get sold within three hours.
• Blur and OpenSea have been the go-to marketplaces for selling stolen NFTs, with Blur handling 86% and OpenSea 13.76%.

Stolen NFTs in June

The blockchain security firm PeckShield reported that $2.27 million of NFTs were stolen in June, recording the lowest monthly figure for stolen NFTs in 2023. This is a significant decrease compared to February when the value of stolen NFTs reached a high of $16.2 million.

Selling Stolen NFTs

PeckShield also discovered that half of the flagged stolen NFT tokens are sold within 160 minutes on various marketplaces such as Blur and OpenSea. 99.7% of these assets went to those two platforms with Blur handling 86% and OpenSea 13.76%.

AzukiDAO Proposal

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) comprised of holders of the popular Azuki collection has proposed hiring a lawyer to take legal action against Azuki founder Zagabond over $39 million worth Ether (ETH). The group aims to get hold of funds earned from sales from its new collection called “Elementals”, which they believe will promote growth for the entire Azuki community.

Fake Sales

Recent reports suggest that 4 out 10 sales on some marketplace are fake due to wash trading activities, which can be difficult for buyers to spot without proper knowledge or experience with crypto investments or trading activities .

Secret Service’s Collection

In related news, it has recently been revealed that even US Secret Service has an official nonfungible token (NTF) collection but all assets are not available for sale .