Chronos DEX Hits $217M TVL, Becomes 8th Largest Exchange

• Chronos, an automated market maker for the Arbitrum network, has reached a new milestone of $217 million in Total Value Locked (TVL).
• The DEX has achieved this milestone only seven days after its launch on the Arbitrum blockchain.
• DEXs are becoming increasingly popular due to tightening regulatory environment in the US.

Arbitrum’s Chronos Reaches $217M TVL

Chronos, a decentralized exchange (DEX) launched on April 27th on the Arbitrum blockchain, has reached its first milestone of $217 million in total value locked (TVL) just seven days after its launch. With this figure, Chronos ranks eighth among the largest DEXs according to DefiLlama.

Epoch 1 Enabled Token Emissions and Staking Rewards

The initiation of Epoch 1 enabled token emissions to liquidity pools and stakers to begin collecting rewards. Core liquidity pools such as Chronos-Ether (CHR/ETH) and Chronos-USD Coin (CHR/USDC) were both seeded with 2 million CHR tokens, along with Arbitrum-Ether (ARB/ETH), Ether-USD Coin (ETH/USDC), USD Coin-Tether (USDC/USDT) and Wrapped Bitcoin-Ether (WBTC/ETH) pools.

Favorable Regulatory Environment For DEXs

Decentralized exchanges are at the heart of DeFi and have become increasingly popular due to a tightening regulatory environment in the United States. After FTX bankruptcy, investors are beginning to understand the real value of DEXs – decentralization that they bring matters more than ever. Some major DEXs have even been doing more volume than Coinbase on some days; if centralized onramps into crypto continue to be cut off in places like US, then people will likely turn to DEXs for performing trades.

DeFi Proof Of Concept

Chief Technology Officer of Maverick Protocol Bob Baxley stated that past year has served as a proof-of-concept for both DEXs and DeFi – showing their growth and maturity after 2022’s crypto winter. He also noted that gaming adoption is likely increase relying heavily on both wallets and decentralized exchanges as backbones for success.


Chronos set a new TVL milestone just seven days after its launch on the Arbitrum blockchain demonstrating an increasing demand from traders amid regulatory uncertainty in the United States; with this achievement it ranks 8th among other largest decentralized exchanges according to DefiLlama showing signs of growth and maturity after 2022’s crypto winter.